The following notes are used to configure the CTI Client in conjunction with Mitel/Aastra IP phones.

For Mitel/Aastra phones, the configuration instructions are basically the same as for Snom phones.


  • For the Mitel/Aastra phones, the CTI Client includes a built-in driver - so no stand-alone TAPI driver is offered.
  • However, the CTI Client provides a "CTI Client TAPI-Connector" in the Windows system , which can be integrated in other TAPI applications.
    By this way, TAPI control is enabled for Mitel/Aastra phones indirectly via the xtelsio CTI Client.

Special hints for Aastra phones

XML Push Server List
For Aastra phones, the IP address of your computer must be entered in the "XML Push Server List" in order for the dial to be dialed from the phone via CTI. See: [Aastra Web Configuration > Configuration Server > XML Push Server List]. The entry should make TAPI driver automatically.
Notes if your computer and the phone are connected via a router (separate networks):
  • In the context of "Aastra Line 1": Under the tab [Action URLs > IP - Advanced ...] the external router IP has to be entered.
  • In the context of "Asterisk Lines": Under the tab [Local IP - Advanced ...] the external router IP has to be entered.
If in the Aastra Web configuration under [Network] the option "HTTPS Server - Redirect HTTP to HTTPS" is active, or you want to use HTTPS explicitly, you may need to enable "SSL 3.0" in Internet Explorer under [Internet Options > Advanced > Security].
The use of HTTPS affects the following actions:
  • Automatic configuration of the "XML Push Server List"
  • In the context of "Aastra Line 1":
    • Automatic configuration of "Action URLs"
    • Automatic configuration of the "Poll" event

- When using HTTPS in the context of "Aastra Line 1", the CTI actions reacts slowly because the automatic configurations via HTTPS take several seconds.
- It is therefore recommended to use HTTP.

  • The dial and hang commands are always sent via HTTP. The authorization is controlled via the "XML Push Server List" (see above).

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